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 OHP Group is currently involved in the development of hydropower plants located in Malaysia, Laos, Nepal, and Indonesia. We intend to expand our business into solar and biomass in the future.

OHP group intends to tap the region’s abundant potential green and renewable energy development, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos and Philippines, focusing on small Run-of-River hydropower projects with indicative capacity of up to 30 MW. We aim to develop a total portfolio of 500MW small hydropower projects over the next five (5) years.


To achieve our goal, we are anchored by the following strategic plans:

  • Focusing on countries with largest unutilised potential for hydropower project in Southeast Asia;

  • Targeting countries with regulatory framework designed to maximise the potential from hydropower development i.e. the Feed-in-Tariff policy for RE.

  • Diligently assessing potential projects based on type and geographical location to keep development cost at approximately USD2-2.5 million per MW.

Hydro Power Plant

Currently, the Company has secured approximately 239.02MW of hydropower plant projects located in Malaysia, Laos & Indonesia

Operation Maintenance

The Group intends to venture into this segment via its subsidiary, OHP Technical Services Sdn Bhd

Solar Energy

The Group is venturing into solar energy and currently under negotiation phase to secure new projects and also providing Net Energy Metering (NEM)


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