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The Group has established its own operation & maintenance team namely OHP Technical Services Sdn Bhd

The Exceptional Longevity

A well-maintained Hydropower & Solar facility can operate for more than 100 years. Good O&M practices are essential to maintaining this longevity and to protect your plant investment, ensure optimal system performance, and help you avoid costly repairs.

Experienced and Reliable

Our O&M team has a combined experience of over 20 years maintaining power plants especially solar and hydropower. We are experienced in monitoring the energy production for all managed sites, to optimize plant performance and maximize system output and revenue generation. We are constantly striving to improve our team in order to ensure that the plants are well-maintained and that breakdown time is minimised.

All-Round Services

OHP Technical Services offers customizable plans designed for your plant system needs, whether you need a one-time system inspection or ongoing services. As we continue to improve our capabilities, our O&M team is capable of diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repairing any casualties at the plant.

The following services are available:​
Visual Inspection
OEM Liaison
System Testing
Routine Preventive Maintenance
Production & Maintenance Report
Troubleshoot & Diagnose
System Monitoring
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Repairing & Corrective Maintenance
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