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Our Group Structure

List of OHP Group Subsidiaries Companies


Adat Sanjung Sdn Bhd

Pristine Falcon Sdn Bhd

One River Power Sdn Bhd

One Hydro Power Sdn Bhd

Koridor Mentari Sdn Bhd

Zeqna Corporation Sdn Bhd

Denai Delima Sdn Bhd

Selat Serasi Sdn Bhd

Cabaran Hijau Sdn Bhd

Kangsar Capital Sdn Bhd

Kangsar Suria Sdn Bhd

Kangsar Hidro Sdn Bhd

OHP Technical Services

OHP Energy

OHP Engineering Sdn Bhd


OHP Capital Sdn Bhd

Nam Taep 1,2,3 Hydro Power Co,. Ltd

Nam-Samoi Hydro Power Co,. Ltd


OHP NC Incorporated

PT KLAAI Dendan Lestari

PT PAT Petulai Energi

OHP Pana Incorporated

PT Laras Interior Asri

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